About us
About us

Founded with an ambition to bring

people closer to nature


Openlands was founded in 2020 by Anders Christian Holmsgaard and Jens Kam with the ambition to make nature- and hunting experiences more accessible. Anders and Jens has known each other since university, where they lived together in the same collegium. Early on it became clear to both that they shared a passion for hunting and nature. With hunting as the starting point the ambition with Openlands is to create a global platform, which ultimately makes it possible to find and book experiences in nature of any kind directly with local landowners. The aim is to create meaningful and unique experiences, which strengthens our social relationships and make us happier. This must happen in a sustainable way, ideally such that every experience contributes to our nature and biodiversity.

Our mission & vision

Our mission is to be the number one platform for booking outdoor experiences. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience nature on their own in its most raw and authentic form, and we will develop the tools to enable that!


Our Vision is to inspire all people to experience, learn about and protect our natural world.